Please visit my site often because I will be updating pictures of me and my family.

welcome to my site

Hi, my name is Scarlett and I came into this world on May 28, 2008 at 8:30pm. I weighed in at 8lb 6oz and I was 20" long.

Well my two week update is just in, I've gained 2 pounds and I'm 2 inches longer now, my days consist of sleeping and eating and every couple hours I wake up long enough for mommy to change my smelly diaper. I'm living the good life....giggle!

I am now 2 months old and just the other day I found my hands, they seem to be quite useful and I enjoy playing with them already. I also have figured out how to giggle and make sounds and noises using my mouth. Everyone seems to enjoy when I make these sounds so I'll probably keep on doing it because I love to have people talk to me and that seems to be the easiest way to get their attention right now. Because of my length I'm now wearing 6 month old clothes.

Today (10/28/08) i am 5 months old. just this week i started sucking on my toes and carrying on what i think are very meaningful conversations. i can say ney-ney-ney, and ma-ma-ma, and da-da-da. mommy keeps trying to get me to say mama, but i haven't yet. i also like to make cute little screams to get mommy's attention. i also discovered that when i throw my toy in the floor that it miraculously reappears in front of me, hehe, no i know, mommy gets them for me. i even look at her every time i throw it in the floor just to see if she is paying attention, but lately she has been ignoring me, darn. i can't stand it when mommy leaves the room, so i cry when she does. my favorite thing to do is to be held but when mommy has had enough she puts me in my highchair and lets me play. Oh how i love to put all my toys in my mouth! and if you are not careful any wandering hands or arms may fall victim to my gummies. speaking of gummies i am expecting teeth real soon. i get fussy sometimes because my gums hurt, but mommy cuddles and kisses me and gives me this cold thing to put in my mouth. just this week i started eating cereal. and i am a pro! and wow how i have grown. i am currently wearing 12 month old clothes! Sheesh! if only i could sit up. i am very close to being able to sit up on my own, and i can lift up my head and shoulders when i lay on my tummy. i even hold up my arms when i want mommy to hold me. (she falls for it everytime) oh and did i mention that i love ELMO! he rocks! every morning i watch elmo's world on sesame street. mom even sings her version of the theme song at night before i go night night. well it's almost 8, time for my bath, then it's off to bed. love you

So i just turned 7 months and I have learned so many new things! At 6 months I learned how to eat lots of new foods and how to sit up all by myself. Now that I know how to sit up I hate laying down and when mommy makes me I fuss. At night I roll over onto my side which is the way I like to sleep. I still sleep 12 hours at night and in the morning, promptly at 8am I wake up and start talking. I love to jabber! Mommy lets me talk for awhile then she comes to get me up. I always smile real big when I see her in the morning and then she sings me my morning song, "Goodmorning sunshine, goodmorning to you." I love that song! And when I smile mommy gets so happy! That's because I got my first tooth! It was the day before I turned 7 months. WOW! It is so cool and sharp! Mommy use to let me chew on her finger but for some reason she won't let me anymore. Pooh. So as I mentioned before I can roll over but am still too lazy to crawl. I would rather mommy and daddy lug my big 22 pound butt around, hehe. Yeah that's right I said 22 pounds. I am wearing 18 month old clothes and am about to outgrow my infant carseat so mommy is going to have to get me a bigger one. Let's see what else have I learned to do.......Oh I almost forgot! I LOVE to dance. Everytime music is on I sway from side to side. I am sooo cute! I love you!

Well I just turned 9 months a few days ago and guess what I can do? I can cruise! Yeah, you know I can hold on to the couch and walk back and forth from each end. It is really cool. I love it. I am not real good at it yet but I just learned how to do it a couple of days ago. I can even let go and balance for a few seconds. I really don't crawl but I love to lurch for things. Crawling looks pretty boring compared to walking so I don't think I am ever going to crawl. I have 4 teeth, two top and two bottom. Wow they are useful. I love to eat the crackers and puffies that mommy gives me. I get so excited when I see the bottle of puffies that I scream and throw up my hands. I do that for everything that I see and want. I also can drink from a sippie cup. I havn't quite mastered the art of holding it up high enough but mommy helps! I learned how to clap my hands about a month ago and everytime I hear a song that I like I clap! When I am feeling sweet I will grab your face and give you kisses, well it's more like sucky-face, but I try. Mommy got tired of me sucking on her nose so now we give eskimo kisses until I can master the pucker. Speaking of puckering I am learning how to blow kisses and that makes me smile. I love to smile and I am a very happy baby! I really like attention, so if you decide to carry on a conversation without me I just talk louder than you or I sing really loud. That always makes mommy look at me. I even scream sometimes. Mommy calls me her little chicken hawk. I will also grab your face with my hand and turn it toward me if you are not paying any attention to me. (Giggle) I sure am a little stinker. My favorite songs are "Whitehorse", by Taylor Swift and "Single Ladies", Beyonce. I grin from ear to ear and dance when I hear them on the radio or when mommy sings them to me.